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9:31am 06-26-2015
Class of 1944 and son of John Toevs, class of 1920. He and his brother Edgar class of 1921 were on the first Aberdeen class B state basketball team. Richard my brother class of 1946 and I were on the second team to duplicate that record.

Thanks for the site
6:51pm 05-01-2015
I am looking for an address, phone # or email address for LaVerne Harris Arrellano a classmate (1955). We are looking for her to notify her of our class reunion during Aberdeen Days the end of June. Thanks for help, anyone.
1:20pm 12-30-2014
Grand son of Adolf Claassen, son of Mildred Claassen. Just checking on roots and thought of seeing what might be available in Aberdeen with respect to information of the old days.
4:58pm 12-23-2014
Arigato! Aberdeen, what a fun place it was to grow up in.
10:36am 09-05-2014
Thank you for your work Dennis.
7:40pm 07-14-2014
Karen Dalke Dirks
I really enjoy this website. Good to hear you will be working on it again.
9:10am 07-14-2014
Thanks Dennis!
8:38am 07-14-2014
Robert J. Tomlinson
Great info. Thanks Dennis!
5:28pm 07-13-2014
Thanks for doing this Dennis. Great site and great way to stay in touch when you can't be there!!
12:31pm 07-13-2014
Great site. Thanks for sharing.
9:11am 07-13-2014
Thank you, old friend! What a beautiful gift to give your hometown!
1:17am 07-13-2014
Thanks for doing this page.
8:42pm 07-12-2014
Thank you Dennis You make great for a lot of us.
8:35pm 07-12-2014
Thank you.
6:28pm 07-12-2014
Thanks for keeping up the site!
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